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Diving in!


Afer many wonderful years as my mother and older sister's photography assistant, I have finally decided to take the plunge of pursuing photography on my own. I have felt that it would be almost wrong of me not to invest in this with the wonderful experience I've had working with photographers over the years. Yes, there are things about photography that intimidate me (some of the technical aspects of it), but I really do love it. I love how beautifully it works as a form of artistic expression. I love capturing a moment and bringing it alive for people. I love how photography is a way to bless other people and completely celebrate them. I'm excited to have this outlet of expression and meaningful interaciton with people around me.

Here's what the photography forecast is looking like....

- Feb. 21-22. Rachel Smith's Wedding Shoot in Tampa, FL:

Ashton (my sister) has agreed to be my photography assistant for this one. The venue, bride and groom, and all details are quite beautiful. It's sort of a photographer's dream come true to capture this!

-March 21st. Colt Weigand's Wedding Shoot in Grand Rapids, MI.

Sam will be assisting me in this photo shoot. It will be an adventure.

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